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The Onu Experience



Experience swimming with two of the four Sea Turtles species native to the Cook Islands. We take you into their natural marine environment, close enough to touch, but our sustainable tourism policies mean we only allow touching with your eyes.


Their home is not just home to Sea Turtles, we may encounter Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Trevally, and the hundreds of species of tropical fish. You'll learn about our coral reefs, the habitat and what we are doing to protect this resource for future generations.

As the Eco-Adventure Tourism Award Winner in 2020, you can trust that our tours are eco-friendly and that your safety is our number one priority. NOTE: Sea Scooters are not part of this tour. 

Swimming with turtles Rarotonga


  • We are the only tour operator who sponsor " Te Ara O Te Onu"  The Cook Islands Sea Turtle Conservation Society. 5% of your tour fee goes to the Society. Thank you!!

  • Air New Zealand Eco-Tourism Awards Winners 2020.

  • Air New Zealand Outstanding Kia Orana Spirit Awards Winner 2020


Your first encounter with a Sea Turtle in the wild is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. We say the experience is "Surprise, Amazement, Love". Surprise when you see your first turtle in their habitat. Amazement at how graceful and peaceful they are. Followed by falling in love with turtles, which hopefully sets you on a path of education and conservation with us. We have had occasions where Sea Turtles swim with us for long periods, it can be a truly humbling experience. Another amazing experience is seeing up to thirty Eagle Rays swimming below us. They are perfectly safe and it is breath-taking to watch these majestic creatures. 


You meet onsite following the Google Map link here. Number 5 is our carpark and number 6 our meeting location on the beach. 


Your adventure starts with a quick safety briefing. We then fit you with your mask, snorkel and fins. Then we launch into the water off the beach and inside the lagoon. As you drift out with the current, our professional Guides are pointing out marine and environmental points of interest along the way. It's simply amazing.


Your first turtle encounter can be simply magical. Listen to our Guides as they teach you how to share their underwater world and minimize disruption to them and the environment. Keep a sharp lookout because you'll probably swim over more than you can see. 


You are welcome to take your own underwater cameras and we post a few images on our own social media sites for you to share with friends. If you enjoyed our Turtle Safari, check out our other sea scooter safaris including our Premium Turtle Sea Scooter Safari, the Ocean Drift Snorkeling, and Lagoon Discovery Safaris. 


After the Safari, come on back to the Flying Turtle Cafe where you'll enjoy a 10% discount off all food and beverages not already on special and you can review any photos we have captured in our media centre. Note: Photos are generally available 48 hours after your tour.   

Swimming with turtles Rarotonga



  • Meeting Location: Avaavaroa, south coast.  Follow our Google Map link  here.  #5 is our carpark and #6 is the beach meeting location.

  • Duration: Allow 2 hours, you are in the water for an hour. 


  • Cancel at least 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.


  • Cancellations within 24 hours are not subject to refund unless COVID 19 related or due to a serious medical condition. Being hungover is not considered a serious medical condition.   


  • Please note that the passage where the turtles live is subject to rough conditions from time to time. The weather, tide, swell and wind conditions on any given day may require us to cancel or postpone your tour for safety reasons. We will do our best to reschedule you on another sea scooter safari, or we will provide  you with a refund. 



Swim Ability: All guests must be able to swim comfortably in the sea, and be comfortable in deep water.

Minimum Age: Minimum age is 7 years old but subject to Crew Chief approval. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 


Medical conditions: These must be declared to us at the time of booking so we can assess the situation. This will not necessarily preclude you, however we may have to insist on safety measures. 


Disabilities: We have experience in taking out guests with disabilities. Please ask so we can consider the situation and if we can make it happen safely, we will!  


Not recommended for pregnant guests

PRICE: $139pp 

Family/Group Rate: 10% off. 6 x pax minimum,

must pre-pay to secure the rate. 

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